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The Labour Party

The Labour Party

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Constitutional Reforms:

referenda for a Scottish Parliament, a Welsh Assembly, a London mayor. remove rights of hereditary peers in the Lords to sit or vote in the Chamber; review the system of life peers. European Convention of Human Rights to be adopted by British law. Referendum of single European currency. Official Secrets Act to be replaced by Freedom of Information Act.

Law and Order:

a parliamentary vote to ban all hand guns. more police on the beat a crack down to be introduced on petty crime and neighbourhood disorder. Persistent young offenders to face fast track punishment

Welfare, Education and Health:

NHS waiting lists to be cut by 100,000. Administrative costs of NHS to be reduced by £100 million parental ballots to be held to decide future of selective secondary schools. 250,000 young unemployed to be taken off of benefit and placed in work. the above plan will be financed by a one-off windfall tax on privatised utilities. class sizes for 5 to 7 year olds to be a maximum of 30.


public transport to be improved.

new houses to be energy efficient; energy efficiency to be generally publicised.

CO2 emissions to be cut by 20% by 2010.

use of renewable energy to be publicised and expanded on.


basic and top rates of income tax to stay the same for 5 years. Tory spending plans to be kept until 1999. Inflation target set at 2.5% a minimum wage to be established. Tory union reforms of the 1980's to be kept. Treaty of Maastrict's Social Chapter to be opted into.


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