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Aspen Art Museum

Aspen Art Museum

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(NEEDS HISTORICAL CONTENT)Aspen Art Museum is housed in an historic brick building on the scenic Rio Grande Trail, a short walk from downtown, Aspen, Colorado. This small art museum lies in the first hydroelectric power plant west of the Mississippi River. It is recognized internationally for presenting world-class exhibitions of contemporary art from around the globe.Founded in 1979, the museum stimulates various year-round programs, including art talks and gallery tours by prominent artists and curators, artist studio and private collection tours, the Distinguished Artist in Residence Program, member art trips to international art centers, and entertaining special events.Numerous art workshops for children, teens and adults, free public lectures, docent tours and site rentals are also arranged. In addition, the Art Museum also conducts outreach programs to educate high school students about contemporary art and to teach them how to instruct other students about the work.

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