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The electoral statements of both candidates for the November 2000 election

Tax : top 1% of earners would benefit from nearly half of his projected $1.37 trillion tax cuts.Tax : tax cuts worth $575 billion with better credits for couples and carers
Social Security : voluntary retirement plan would invest 1.5% of pay roll taxes in stocks with cut in guaranteed benefits.Social Security : 'sweeterners' for poorer women and workers, but would use social security surplus to pay off national debt and create reserve fund for 'baby boom' cohort when it retires.
Health Care : tax credits to buy health insurance, and new money for prescriptions. A Patients Rights Charter would be introduced.Health Care : would insure every child with tax credits for uninsured. Assured federal Medicare coverage.
Education : $48 billion for teacher recruitment and training. Vouchers to send children to private schools and $300 million in loans for privately managed 'charter schools' in deprived areas.Education : $170 billion for teachers' pay and hire 100,000 more; $1.8 billion to triple charter schools.
Guns : opposes new gun control laws, but supports ban on concealed and assault weapons.Guns : wants registration of new guns and ID licensing ban on 'junk' guns and compulsory child locks on weapons.


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