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Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Frontpost Ausgabe Sud 110 (2)

Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Frontpost Ausgabe Sud 110 (2)

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Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Frontpost Ausgabe Sud 110 (2)

This page from Lt D.W. Gay's 'War Effort' is the second page from Frontpost Ausgabe Sud 110, an Allied propaganda paper aimed at German troops. Amongst the stories covered is Allied progress around Bologna, air attacks on the Brenner railway, the liberation of Lorraine, the targets for Allied bombers in Germany, a report of the fighting around Thorn, and a report on the Jalta Conference.

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material. These pages come from Gay's own private notebook which began with similar infomation to his flight log, but became more detailed, and also included a number of interesting items that had been pasted in.

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